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Prakriti Dutta

The haunting voice of Indian classical singer Prakriti Dutta weaves between all three scenarios, expressing universal sorrow for these atrocities. This was a tantalising insight into what promises to be a thought - provoking and significant opera.

- Scotsman Sunday 3 October 2010


"Prakriti Dutta's work with our chamber opera ensemble was highly professional and she made a magical contribution.To hear her beautiful voice blending with contemporary harmonies and the operatic voice was deeply moving. Prakriti will be part of the ensemble that will be premiering Naciketa, a new chamber opera inspired by Indian classical music composed by Nigel Osborne with libretto by Ariel Dorfman."

- Tina Ellen Lee, Artistic Director Opera Circus UK.


I made a film about the creation of an opera in which Western and Indian music are intertwined. Prakriti Dutta was the wonderful Indian singer who participated. Her diligence, attention to detail and the beauty of her voice were a pleasure to witness and to work with. As well, her helpfulness, allowing me to record in rehearsals, providing interviews and generally being supportive of what could be seen as an intrusion, made a significant contribution to the finished film.

- Robert Golden, writer-director


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